Activate wifi dongle in #SliTaz

At the end of the year, I “They invited” (actually @ManolitoTIC skillfully knew how to challenge me) to try to take advantage of the endowment of HP Thin Clients computers that the City Council and SAS of Córdoba had donated to the CEP for the cabbages.

In the end, we ended up installing the SliTaz distribution on them after having tried a “long” list of distributions that promised to be the definitive solution for equipment with few resources and / or old but that, literally, they did not fit (or were really bad) in 32-bit microphones with 1GB of RAM and (this was ultimately the worst) with a 1GB capacity hard disk 🙈

The truth is that I came really happy (as almost always when I have the opportunity to visit them) with the experience and see the enthusiasm with which some colleagues received the possibility of offering their students such equipment (thanks once again)

Recently one of the attendees asked me as can connect its computer to wifi network Andared so here is a small guide that I hope will be useful to both him and other colleagues who may have the same questions …

Although the computer only has a 100Mbits wired network card, I have tried to plug into one of the USB ports a Wi-Fi adapter that I bought on Aliexpress some time ago for about € 2 and that has worked for me the first time with SliTaz. The one I have is like this

wifi dongle support on linux

Once we click on it, we access the configuration of the network connection

slitaz config wifi

We use root as the administrator password (unlike the user’s password, I did not remember to change it, so you must use the one provided by SliTaz by default)

slitaz root password

We click on the Wi-Fi network card (in the example WLAN0)

slitaz select wifi

and we introduce the key “folkloric” of our dear Andared (in the example it does not appear because I am doing these tests at home 😅)

slitaz wpa2 config

You can now press the button Set up that appears in the previous screenshot for the changes to be applied.

If you want to have information “in real time” of the network consumption that you are doing with this wireless card, do not forget to select it in the network applet that we use at the beginning of the process

slitaz wifi select


Small review of how to configure the connection wifi on SliTaz taking advantage of a cheap usb wifi adapter. I hope it was easy for you and it will help your students have the opportunity to access the “new” technologies. Any questions, you already know where and how to find me (do not hesitate to leave a comment if it is more comfortable for you)

And you…

  • Have you tried SliTaz before?
  • Do you know any Linux distribution that consumes few resources and remains on a 1GB hard drive?
  • Do you have problems with this operating system?

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