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Fast and high quality PDF to Word online conversion. Just load the PDF document into the window, wait a bit and download the finished Word file. Conversion service is free!

Step 1. Upload. Step 2. Converting. Step 3. Download.
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How to convert PDF to Word

On this site you can convert PDF to Word absolutely free. Conversion is very simple.

Step 1. Upload a PDF document to the site. This can be done by dragging or by clicking on the converter (the file manager will open). Please note that only files with a .pdf extension are accepted for conversion.

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PDF to Word Converter

Step 2. Wait for your turn. The queue may not be. But often, especially during the day, multiple users convert at the same time. And since PDF to Word conversion is a fairly resource-intensive operation, all files are lined up and converted one by one. Usually, the queue takes no more than 2-5 minutes.

The process of converting PDF to Word
The process of converting PDF to Word

Step 3. Download the Word file. After the conversion is completed, you can save the finished Word in the .doc format. Please note that files are deleted from our server immediately after you leave the site.

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Which PDF files can be converted?

The pdf2word converter supports all kinds of PDF files, except scanned images. Since text recognition is not yet supported, the conversion to text of scans and photos is currently not available. We are working on this feature and are going to introduce it as soon as possible.

Other PDF documents can be converted without problems. Especially our online converter is useful for business representatives who constantly need to transfer price lists, contracts and so on to Word. The advantage of .doc files over PDF is that they can be easily edited and sent to their business partners. Therefore, instead of re-creating any document with changes on your computer, you can simply make Word from PDF online.